5 tips to extend the life of your stockings

Given the delicate fabrics used to make stockings, it's no surprise that some pairs don't last nearly long enough. Fortunately, with some simple tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your stockings.

  1. Fabric matters
  2. Vintage stockings often come in sheer designs. Keep in mind, the heavier (less sheer) the material, the more durable the stocking will be. Stockings with at least a 15% mixture of Lycra or spandex tend to be the most durable. Additionally pantyhose with reinforced toes, opaque styled, tights and run-resistant stockings will ensure that you wear your garment for longer.

  3. Eliminate common causes of runs and tears
  4. Before putting your stockings on, smooth your legs and hands with a layer of lotion. Roll each leg of the stocking to its toe and work it up your leg carefully, gently pulling them and taking care not to tug or yank them.

    Since the main cause of wear and tear to stockings are runs/snags make sure you have no jagged or uneven finger nails and toe nails when wearing them. If you have long fingernails, it is even recommended to wear gloves while wearing them. Also, avoid wearing rings and or bracelets while putting them on so as to avoid tearing.

    If a tear does develop, the best way to stop it is to have either a can of hairspray or bottle of clear nail polish handy to spray or dab on to the tear to prevent further damage. Once the stockings are on, avoid walking in them without any shoes on so as to avoid further wear and tear.

  5. Proper Washing Techniques
  6. It is important to hand wash them in a mild detergent or shampoo in cold water – make sure you never use harsh chemicals like bleach. If washing by hand isn’t an option, the stockings can be placed inside a lingerie or pillowcase before being put into the washing machine. Once washed, be careful not to squeeze or wring the stockings – you can soak up the excess water by rolling them in a towel or gently squeezing them. Always hang them out to dry or lay flat so they retain their shape.

  7. Proper Storage Technique
  8. Finally the last step in stocking care...when storing stockings, always store somewhere with a smooth surface with no rough edges. It is also important to keep them away from articles of clothing that have zippers, velcro or hooks or other material that might snag the fabric of the stockings.

    It's also a pretty good idea to get into the habit of storing your stockings in individual zip lock bags. It'll help with the sorting and the life span of your stockings!

  9. Secret Tip
  10. A little-known but well tested trick is to wet the stockings before wear, dry them out and place them in the freezer. As mysterious as this process may sound, many women have found that this really does help their stockings last longer.