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There's nothing quite like a good pair of vintage stockings. Since their introduction in the 1940's, nylons have become an incredible asset in a woman's wardrobe collection. Stockings can range from incredibly adorable to undeniably sexy and come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. The internet has made buying stockings a lot more fun -- the availability and selection of vintage stockings is greater than ever. Here at Vintage Legs, we celebrate vintage stockings by featuring the best, cutest and sexiest stockings on our site. We also blog too!

Stocking Heel Types

Fully fashioned stockings come in a variety of designs. The most popular designs are point (also known as french), havana, cuban and manhattan heel designs. Each heel is a little different. See below to see and read about the differences.

The reinforced part of the stocking comes to a square above the back of the ankle. These are similar to Havana heel stockings, though the design is thinner and finishes higher on the leg.
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Similar to the Cuban stocking heel, the reinforced part of the stocking comes to wider square above the back of the ankle. The width above the ankle is similar to that on the bottom of the foot.
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The Manhattan could be described as a mix between the Point and Cuban stocking, with the addition of a thin, intricate outline that traces the entire heel design.
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The reinforced part of the stocking tapers to a point above the back of the ankle. This classic design compliments the shape and length of your leg.
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Don't forget the Garter Belt

Garter belts do the important job of holding your vintage stockings up and straight, free from twisting, wrinkling, and bunching. You can get simple garter belts in four strap designs, with thin belts and garters with one or no adjusters, or designs with more straps and features that offer better support and comfort. The best choice is often determined by how long you will be wearing your stockings and how physically active you will be. Click here to read our blog post on how to choose the right garter belt.

For maximum comfort and support, garter belts with 6 or more straps offer the best value. Click here to check out a wide selection:

If you want something simple and sexy, go for a 4 strap garter belt. There are plenty to choose from. Click here to check out a wide selection of simply and sexy garter belts:

Everything you want to know about stockings

Vintage Stockings, or Fully Fashioned stockings, are made on original flat bed machines, where the stocking is knitted flat and sewn together at the back.

What are the different types of vintage stocking heel designs? Many women have this question about fully fashioned stockings, so we put together a handy reference guide below.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of vintage seamed stockings is being able to get the seams lined up just right. Fortunately, it's not too difficult if you know the trick.

Given the delicate fabrics used to make stockings, it's no surprise that some pairs don't last nearly long enough.